The Benefits of Giving in the Christmas Season

June 2, 2021by Angelo Tubola0

We as humans are meant to be generous

The Christmas holidays are a season of gift-giving around the globe, as people celebrate not only Christmas but Hanukkah, the Chinese New Year and other holidays. Giving is an act of kindness whose benefits are greater than many of us recognise. In a survey by a medical company, people were asked about the one thing that gives them the most satisfaction and fulfillment. And one of the top 3 answers was Giving.

Giving in Talisay, Philippines

Two communities in need were identified in Talisay. 

The first was the Talisay City Outpatient Rehab and Aftercare Program. Their mission is to provide treatment for individuals with substance use disorders as well as to provide continuing care and reintegration into society. But our mission, as WAO Impact, was to support the hard working and limited staff at the centre. To show appreciation to these staff members, we gave each staff member a grocery hamper. A small token to show appreciation to these hard working members of society.

The second community was The Missionaries of the Poor, a permanent home for the destitute, physically and mentally handicapped. Packs of linen, bleach, rice and adult diapers were delivered to them.

It was an incredible blessing to spend time with the people at both of these communities.

7 Benefits of Giving

It was an incredible blessing to spend time with the people at both of these communities, and we truly felt the benefits of giving back to the community. 

There are at least 7 benefits of being generous, and these are them. 

  1. It activates the reward center in your brain
  2. In improves life satisfaction
  3. It makes you happy
  4. It’s contagious
  5. It improves your health
  6. It reduces stress
  7. It increases self-esteem

There are definite manifold benefits of giving that will reveal themselves in your own life as you are not only helping those that you give to, but you are also nurturing your own wellbeing.

How can you give back?

WAOImpact was created with the sole purpose to be able to give back, so it’s fantastic being able to identify pockets of need such as the two communities in Talisay, Philippines. If you don’t know where to start, the festive season is always a great time to begin.  

Start by figuring out how you are able to give back, whether it is financial or by donating things you have or even volunteering your time. Secondly, decide on causes that are close to your heart. Finally, reach out to causes and give back. 

Happy Giving!

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