A Celebration of Success, A Pledge to Give Back.

“Success is measured by the lives you’ve touched and impacted.” - Clayton Christensen

WAO Connect celebrates a journey of SEVEN amazing years, and giving back to building a better tomorrow is how we choose to celebrate our success. 

In celebration of our seventh anniversary, WAO Connect, together with WAO Impact, pledge to contribute to seven causes spread across seven countries. 

With a mission to bring change and impact as many communities as possible, we encourage our WAO Connect team members across different countries, providing them with the tools to action projects for the betterment of their communities.

As the first two steps towards fulfilling our pledge, we at WAO Impact are in the process of actioning two projects in the coming months.

A Glimpse of What’s In Store.

Lending a Hand to the Hearing Impaired.

Every community, every individual, regardless of their differences, is entitled to live life to the fullest. A life full of opportunity. A life full of experiences.

We at WAO Impact, backed by the values of WAO Connect, believe in providing equal opportunities to individuals of all walks of life.

We believe there are no disabilities, just different abilities. And the differently-abled deserve as much opportunity as any other person.

Led by our team member Reisa Grace Sta Ana, the project is carried out in collaboration with D.E.A.F. INC, a non-profit organisation aimed at improving the lives of the hearing impaired persons in the Philippines. 

Providing the hearing impaired with education, basic life skill training to cope with the demands of their communities and training close associates of these differenty-abled persons in sign language for better communication are the objectives of D.E.A.F. INC. 

On the 9th of July, we hope to reach out to 50 less fortunate hearing-impaired individuals in the farthest northern part of Palawan, providing them with sign language books and relief goods.

The scheduled activities for the day include an awareness program on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (PWD), and we did not forget to add an element of fun by including fun-filled games to lighten up the mood and bring joy to the attendees, to help them better connect. 


WAO Joins in Securing Meals for the Children of Tomorrow

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.” - Jeff Bridges

WAO Hope

As poverty levels rise globally, the number of underprivileged children left hungry rises drastically. 

Ranking 58 out of 116 countries in the global hunger index, Malaysia is one such country that battles child hunger as we speak.

In an attempt to secure the meals of 28 such innocent children, WAO Impact, backed and funded by WAO Connect, joins hands with the Hope Mission Welfare Society to ensure these 28 blossoms of tomorrow don’t go hungry.

Hope Mission Welfare Society is a global non-profit organisation incorporated to bring hope and restore the lives of underprivileged children. 

The initiative that started with sheltering and caring for 3 girls has now expanded its wings to providing, caring and sheltering 28 children at their Hope Mission Home.

As the WAO family celebrates seven amazing years of success at WAO Connect, together with WAO Impact, we pledge to provide these beautiful young lives with meals for a period of one year. 

It brings us joy and peace of mind to know that the children at Hope Mission Home will not go hungry. 

“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.” - Buzz Aldrin

What makes WAO Impact different?

Our administration costs are borne solely by WAO Connect. So you can rest assured that every dollar you contribute will reach the intended recipient.

If you would like to join hands with us to be a part of bringing change for betterment.
Please reach out to us.

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