A Celebration of Success, A Pledge to Give Back.

“Success is measured by the lives you’ve touched and impacted.”

Clayton Christensen

Eight years ago, WAOConnect embarked on a journey with a vision. A vision that extended beyond just building a successful business. 

It was about making a meaningful impact. About our passion, about painting our dream into a masterpiece. 

Last year, as we stepped into our seventh year in business, a significant milestone with many wins up our sleeves, we wanted to do more than just celebrate.

We didn’t want to be just another company; we wanted to be a force for good. We wanted to give back to society. We wanted to share our success & our celebration with the lesser privileged people who needed a ray of hope and love to pull through. Because everyone deserves a chance for a better tomorrow! 

And what better way to celebrate seven years of success than a pledge to support seven causes? 

And so, with the guidance of founders Marlon & Jeri, & the support of our incredible WAO staff, we are almost there! 

So, in honour of this significant milestone, we’re thrilled to share with you how we turned our pledge into actions, touching the lives of many families and in the process, spreading the spirit of compassion, sustainability, and positive change. 

Here is our story of commitment, growth, and the incredible power of compassion, humanity, and love. 

Here is our journey of fulfilling our promises.

Spreading Hope for a Better Tomorrow.

Lending a Hand to the Hearing Impaired.

A Pledge to Reducing Inequalities: Let them also be heard!

Every community, every individual, regardless of their differences, is entitled to live life to the fullest. A life full of opportunity & experiences.

We at WAO Impact, backed by the values of WAO Connect, believe in providing equal opportunities to individuals from all walks of life.

We believe there are no disabilities, just different abilities. And the differently-abled deserve as much opportunity as any other person.

In collaboration with D.E.A.F. INC, a non-profit organisation committed to improving the lives of hearing-impaired persons in the Philippines, the WAO team set out to the farthest part of Palawan to turn a new leaf and bring hope to them.  

The project aimed at helping 50 less fortunate individuals with hearing imparities by providing sign language books & relief goods. 

Additionally, an awareness program on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (PWD) was organised to help them understand what support they had. 

We didn’t stop there! Taking it a step further, the WAO Philippines team planned out some fun-filled games to lighten up the mood and bring joy to the attendees as well as help them better connect.   


“Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice.  Belonging is having that voice be heard.” 

Liz Fosslien

Let not hearing be a barrier among individuals in society. Let them feel included. Let them feel heard.

WAO Joins in Securing Meals for the Children of Tomorrow

Let no child feel the pangs of hunger. Let no child go unfed.

Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.

Jeff Bridges


As poverty levels rise globally, the number of underprivileged children left hungry rises drastically. 

Ranking 58 out of 116 countries in the global hunger index, Malaysia is one such country that battles child hunger as we speak.

In an attempt to secure the meals of 28 such innocent children, WAO Impact backed and funded by WAO Connect, joined hands with the Hope Mission Welfare Society to ensure these 28 blossoms of tomorrow don’t go hungry.

Hope Mission Welfare Society is a global non-profit organisation incorporated to bring hope and restore the lives of underprivileged children. 

The initiative that started with sheltering and caring for three girls has now expanded its wings to providing, caring, and sheltering 28 children at their Hope Mission Home.

As the WAO family celebrated seven beautiful years of success, It was our honour and privilege to be able to provide these beautiful young lives with meals for one year. 

It brings us joy and peace of mind to know that the children at Hope Mission Home did not go hungry. No child should be left wondering or worrying where or if they will have another meal. No child should feel the pangs of hunger!  

If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.”

Buzz Aldrin

Securing Another Year in School for the Children in Mahiyanganaya

Quality Education: Every child deserves to dream. Every child deserves to fly!


Education builds confidence to hope and dream of a better tomorrow. 

It is the only path to breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Education is not the mere knowledge we gather through textbooks. It is the experience gained through social interactions, life lessons, goals & achievements. And the best environment for laying the foundation for a life full of learning is school. 

Unfortunately, not every child has access to education. And Sri Lanka is one such country where education seems a mere dream to children in some societies. 

While the country battles a severe economic crisis, more & more families in Sri Lanka are pulled towards poverty, uncertain of their meals, let alone education for their children.

With our vision to change as many lives as possible, the Sri Lankan WAO team set out with school supplies and brand-new backpacks to spread a ray of hope to 50 children and their families residing in a rural village of Mahiyanganaya, southeast of Sri Lanka.

It was indeed an eye-opener to see the hardships they were facing & yet the flames of hope that burned within those eyes – those innocent dreams for a better future, the struggle for mere survival.

Unfortunately, the supply packs & bags could only be given to one child from each family, and it was heartbreaking to see the hope that filled the eyes of their siblings.

With new hope and a promise to return with more help, we concluded the 3rd pledge of our seventh-anniversary celebration pledges.

“Education is a right, not a privilege: It should be an opportunity for all children, not an entitlement for some.”

Health & Wellness for the Children in Lingga, Philippines.

Good health & sanitation is a right of all human beings.

While poverty seems to be a pressing matter that deprives people of their necessities, the lives of poverty-stricken families fall into a deeper state of despair when the little hope they have gets washed away by natural disasters. 

One such heartbreaking instance was when Tropical Storm Nalgae, locally known as Paeng, hit the Philippines on the 29th of October 2022, followed by typhoon-induced floods and landslides, affecting millions of families and devastating the lives of many who were already struggling to make ends meet.

As families struggled to survive, restoring their lives was no easy task. Innocent children faced threats of physical illnesses that followed the typhoon, and the mental toll it took on their little minds was undoubtedly traumatic. 

WAO Impact-Health-Wellness

As Christmas approached less than two months after the devastation, WAO, with the help of our Philippine Team, decided to bring back a ray of hope to these children. 

Partnering with the Door of Faith Church – Lingga, a religious institution, having their weekly

feeding programs for the kids within the area, we decided to organise a hygiene kit giveaway and a fun-filled evening for these little buds.

The WAO representative, and volunteers from the Door of Faith Church, coordinated games and activities with prizes and surprises. They also treated the children to a delicious Jollibee Burger Steak meal. 

The hygiene kits consisting of essentials such as sanitisers, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, tooth-paste, body scrub, powder, cotton buds, combs & towels, placed in pouches were distributed among 50 children, and the smiles that painted their faces were priceless. 

It was a fulfilling and memorable occasion for both us and the children, as the event concluded with hope for a better tomorrow.

Bright Smiles & Healthy Teeth for the Children in the Philippines!

Let not poverty rob their health or their smile.


Oral health is an essential part of a child’s overall health and well-being.

Healthy teeth and gums free children from oral pain and discomfort, adding to a healthy lifestyle while boosting a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

However, many adults, let alone children in some communities, do not know or understand the importance of oral hygiene, nor the repercussions that come with poor habits.

As alarming as it may sound, tooth decay and dental infections are at an absolute high among Filipino children.

The lack of awareness towards oral care, substituting oral care products with cheaper replacements, and financial restrictions that stop them from making a trip to the dental clinic are among the factors that influence the negligence of oral health.

As part of our pledge to complete seven projects in celebration of WAOConnect’s 7th Anniversary, the WAO Impact Philippines team set out to spread awareness and help 150 children at the Paligawan Matanda Health Center in a rural area of the Philippines.

The children aged between 5 – 7 years were from kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 and the WAO team happily assisted the health professionals to carry out the fluoride application & distribute hygiene kits.

Instead of presenting them with a set of do’s and don’ts, we decided to make it more exciting & memorable by asking them what they did and what they thought were good and bad habits. 

Our team took the time to interact with them and make the event as much memorable and impactful as possible. The day concluded with a sense of fulfilment and the hope to reach more children and guide them towards a healthier tomorrow.  

Lending a Hand to 30 Families in Pakistan!

A step towards a world where poverty exists only in history books

Poverty is a crime against humanity. It drains people of their resources and strips them of their dignity, leaving them helpless and defeated.

With Pakistan ranking 99th on the Global Hunger Index as of October 2022, approximately 37.2% of the country’s population is grappling with poverty, according to the World Bank in 2023. 

The ongoing economic crisis and the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic have caused many citizens to lose their jobs, pushing families into dire circumstances and a loss of hope.

Even individuals who once earned decent wages now find themselves struggling to provide basic sustenance for their families. 

Situated in the Bahawalpur district of the Punjab province, Hasilpur is a city where many colonies with poverty-stricken families struggle to make ends meet. These villagers whose livelihoods mainly revolve around farming and labour live largely on a daily wage. While some families have only one breadwinner, others are left with no choice but to engage women & even children in labour to support their large families.

Supplies-Pakistan-Lending A Hand-WAO Impact

Guided by Marlon & Jeri Wambeek, founders of WAOConnect & WAOImpact, our Pakistan team member, Nabeel, initiated a heartfelt mission to uplift the lives of those less fortunate. Nabeel, along with his family members and with the support of WAO, set out to offer crucial assistance to 30 families facing dire circumstances.

Each of these families consists of 3 to 5 members and faces challenging circumstances that necessitate external support. Carefully assembling and distributing dry rations, Nabeel ensured that the families most affected by poverty received essential items such as food, sanitary products, oral care, and other necessities. These provisions were intended to alleviate their hardships and offer some relief from their burdens.

The expressions of gratitude and heartfelt appreciation conveyed by our teammate vividly depicted the positive impact we’ve made. Beyond the simple distribution of rations, our efforts symbolised hope, unity, humanity and the potency of extending a helping hand to those in need. Knowing that our actions have brought smiles, alleviated hunger, and provided a sense of support to those who were once helpless is a joy that words can hardly describe.

However, this endeavour signifies only the beginning. WAO pledged to make a greater impact by committing to provide essentials to these families for a year commencing 1st June 2023 and enabling us to provide supplies quarterly. With this ongoing commitment, we are dedicated to illuminating lives, demonstrating that even small acts of kindness can yield profound and enduring effects on the lives of others.

Here’s to hope and a silent prayer that future generations will only learn of poverty through history books and never experience or witness the same.  


“Always remember: the alleviation of poverty is never a political or an economic issue-it is moral”

– F. Sionil Jose.


If you would like to join hands with us to be a part of bringing change for betterment. 

Please reach out to us.

Be a Part of a Better Tomorrow!

What makes WAO Impact different?

Our administration costs are borne solely by WAO Group. So you can rest assured that every dollar you contribute will reach the intended recipient.

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